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Harthill Primary School

‘A school at the heart of its village’


Our pupils are encouraged to take part in musical events such as the Young Voices concert and singing at local community events. Music is taught in all classes as part of the Early Years or National Curriculum entitlement. At Harthill we are also very lucky to have music specialists who begin to teach the children how to read and understand music. They explore how music is put together whilst learning key terms such as tempo, dynamics and instrumentation.

Once per week the children participate in a Music and Singing Appreciation Assembly.  Here they get the chance to explore a range of music including classical, jazz, pop and maybe even a little bit of rap!  The children will listen to lots of music and get the chance to share their opinions.  They will then get a chance to sing some of the music they have been learning about.

Throughout the year, there will be performances from professional musicians as well as children from Wales High School.  

Recently we had Mr Mansfield and Miss Hathaway come into our assembly and demonstrate a range of instruments. If any one in Key Stage 2 are interested in learning to play one of them please come and speak to Miss Jackson.

Have a look at the pictures below you might even spot a few familiar faces!