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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!


Who's Who




                                                         Mrs Tordoff                            Mrs Booth

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Learning Support Assistants:



                                   Mrs Pridmore                                                Miss Dodds



                                       Mrs Mann                                                   Mrs Horan                           






Ways to help your child


This term our focus for homework is on basic skills.  We feel that these are really important and will help the children for the rest of the year.  We’re also aware of the fact that time can sometimes be of a premium and therefore wanted to make it more manageable.


Learning spellings can be tricky, help your child by spotting patterns in the words, writing them in different colours, playing games like Hangman and singing out the letter, anything to make it fun! If your child has mastered the spellings early try encouraging them to find the definition in a dictionary or use a thesaurus to extend their vocabulary knowledge.  Spellings will be given out weekly, each  Monday, and the children will be expected to return their spelling sheet on a Friday ready to be tested the same day.


Reading: Reading is the key to all learning, by supporting your children read, sharing a book together and talking about the characters, events and the authors language choices, you will aid them build their confident which will extend to all areas of the curriculum. Reading for at least 10 minutes together and recording a comment would help us to see how they are getting on at home. Please feel free to write about other books you and your child read together. They could read all forms of writing, including instructions or magazines alongside their reading books.  Read yourself (even if it is the newspaper) this will encourage your child to want to read, as they will see you modelling and enjoying this activity. We would like children to read at home 3 times a week and for a parent/carer to sign their reading diary.  Volunteer in school will check reading logs, and all children who read 15 or more times over half term will receive a prize before the holidays.  Reading logs will be checked weekly on a Monday.


For Maths, a fast recall of times tables if very important to help children with all areas of their learning.  For this reason we’d like the children to practise the times tables for their year group, forwards and backwards. In Year 3 we will recap 2s, 5s and 10s and then focus on multiplication of 3s, 4s, 8s over the year. We will look at fact families to secure our knowledge, for example 5 x 4 = 20 4 x 5 = 20, 20 divided by 5 = 4. It would also be beneficial to practise counting in 10s, 100s and 1000s from any number.  Fun online games can be found at



Handwriting:  We will also be sending a ‘handwriting guide’ that can be used to copy and practise letter formation.  This will include a line guide, which can be placed under a piece of plain paper to practise whenever the children have time.  We won’t be expecting to have these handed in, as teachers will see the skills transferred into the children’s writing in their books at school.  To support your child games like scrabble and hangman help consolidate the position of letters, giving the meaning of words and encouraging your child to guess the word or finding the letter patterns and how they change (the ‘rule’) will also enable a deeper understanding of the spellings. 

Autumn Term

Welcome back to Year 3.


This term our topic work will be linked to the Roman invasion of Britain and how this impacted on the people who lived here at the time.  We will look at where the Romans chose to settle in England and how their settlements differed from those of the Celtic tribes already living here.  In geography we will be looking at these settlements in terms of location and learning more out the counties that make up England.


In English our fiction writing will be linked to our whole class text 'The Tin Forest,' by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson.  We will be writing diary entries and taking part in drama and role play activities taking on the role of the main character in the text.  In addition the children will also be reading three further texts, 'The Railway Cat' by Phyllis Arkle, 'The Places Where You'll Go' by Dr Suess and 'Crummy Mummy and Me,' by Anne Fine.   Reading will be a big focus of our work this year and we would appreciate it if you could read as much as possible with your children at home.


The children will begin by working on their place value knowledge and reading and recognising  numbers to 1000 in maths this term.  Our times table focus will be the 4 times table initially.  The children will be looking at ways to determine whether a number is a multiple of 4 or not as well as being expected to know the multiples of 4 up to 12 x 4.  Again any help with this at home is welcomed.


Our science work is linked to animals, including humans and the children will begin by looking at different types of diet and recognising the terms 'herbivore,' 'carnivore,' and omnivore.' 


The children will also complete art work linked to our key text,  further extend their skills in music and computing and learn some basic phrases in Spanish.


Key Dates


26.9.17 - Mega Active Day (Herringthorpe Stadium)


17.10.17 and 19.10.17 - Parent's Evenings


27.10 17 - School Closes for Half Term 









Big Maths Beat That Sheets (100seconds to complete)