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Harthill Primary School

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Woo hoo we have nearly made it! 

One more week of remote learning and we will be reunited soon. Keep up the hard work. When you return to school, we won't throw you into the deep end so please don't worry. We will focus on getting back into the swing of things at the right pace.


Weekly tasks 

- Bedrock x 2 a week 

- Read The Wreck of The Zanzibar - February 15th, July 21st, July 30th and July 31st please. We will pick up from the next chapter when you return to school. 

- Practise your spellings 

- Record reading in your learning log


What's new this week? 

- Mr Hull has joined our class (as a student teacher) and will be with us for the majority of this school year. He has recorded a video lesson for music which can be found in the Wider Curriculum section.