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Harthill Primary School

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Check in?

Are you managing alright? Do you need a check in with your teachers? We are not just here to answer questions about your learning, please let us know if you need a check in  and a chat. Things are hard at the minute but we are still here for you and we still care about you all as individuals. We're missing your presence in the classroom, it's really not the same without the mixture of all your different personalities. 



Are you struggling to get going? Try keeping a routine to your week days as much as you can. Set an alarm for the same time every day and get washed and dressed before starting your home schooling. Mrs Naylor and her girls are doing a circular walk to home school on her days off work. Have you found a way to keep motivated? If so, please share it with your teachers so we can pass on to your classmates. We are in this together and here to help one another. 


Homelearning lessons 

Wider curriculum is uploaded on Mondays for the whole week. Core curriculum lessons will be uploaded daily. 


Weekly to do list

  • Continue reading Chamber of Secrets. We would like you to get to the end of chapter 16 by Friday please. 
  • Bedrock x 2 a week 
  • TT Rockstars x 2 a week 
  • Practise spellings 
  • Daily exercise. If you're lucky enough to have a garden, please get yourself out at lunchtime and move about. Try HIIT videos on YouTube, Yoga, Dance. Anything. Keep yourselves moving. 


Have you seen Mrs Littlewood's KS2 book club? She is reading a chapter at a time of Coraline. A lot of last year's Y5s enjoyed this book. If you're interested, click this link. Mrs. Littlewood's KS2 Book Club | Harthill Primary School