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30 Days Wild

30 days wild - June


Please carry on (or get started) with the 30 days wild challenge. 


 The Wildlife Trusts have created a document with 101 Random Acts of Wildness to pick and choose from. Your challenge is to pick one every day throughout June and record it in any way you would like. It could be a scrap book, photo collage, powerpoint presentation, nature diary or even a video diary (I've heard '1 second everyday' is a great app for video diaries). 


Please head to to the 'Families and Individuals' section and download '101 Random Acts of Wildness' to get started. 


There are more ideas on the '30 days wild - school cards' document which are the ones we would normally do in school. They can be downloaded here - 


The Naylor girls have been keeping a nature diary with me and after seeing the birds enjoying the paddling pool, we decided to make them a bird bath. The stones are there to help smaller animals get out if they fall in.