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Are you feeling Wild?

Are you feeling Wild?


This half term, I had planned for our class to work towards achieving our 'Bronze Experience Nature' wild challenge (in connection with the RSPB).


These are activities which I feel you could have fun participating in at home.


Our first activity is to become a Weather Wizard.  I have produced a table for you to complete.  All you need to do is go outside and look at the weather and then think about the following:

  • What can you feel on your skin?
  • How does the weather make you feel?
  • What clues are there to the season?

If you email me some photos of you completing the activity I will be able to use these as evidence for us being 'Weather Wizards'.


Have fun!

Mrs Pridmore

Week 2 - Nature Writer


Go outside, either on a nature walk or just spend some time walking around your garden.

Take some time to look, listen and experience the nature around you.  Do you feel part of nature?  What emotions do you feel?



In your exercise book write about your experience using you 5 senses?

  • What could you feel?
  • What did you see?
  • What could you smell?
  • What did you hear?
  • What could you taste?


Send me a photo of your writing so that we can use it as evidence for our bronze award.