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Computational Thinking


The  website below contains a range of different activities for primary aged children to investigate and develop key skills linked to different areas of computational thought.  As stated on their website barefoot computing describe computational thinking as being  'about learning to solve problems, with or without a computer. These problem solving skills not only support the computing curriculum in primary school, but also play a part in other subjects, from maths to PE, and can even be applied in everyday life! '


There are two activities that we would like you to attempt. 


Firstly we would like you to become code breakers.  You can do this in two ways, play the game 'Code Cracking' on the barefoot computing website.  You will take on the role of an agent during the second World War and will be required to solve problems by breaking codes.  There is also a further code breaking activity below for you to try.


Secondly we would like you to have a go at 'The Diamond' task, again on the barefoot computing website.  For this mission you will need to work your way through Mr Mischief's lair, solving problems to help you recover the stolen diamond. 


Please feel free to investigate the site further and access as many of the games and activities as you like.  Let us know how you get on.