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Monday - Core Curriculum

Monday writing lesson

Mrs Naylor will go through writing P3 and your ending.
If you did not use any speech in your writing last week, please fast forward to 2mins5sec as you will not need to watch the beginning.


This week we are going to be reading different texts about the Rainforests. Watch the video below and complete each task as you are asked too.  

Monday - Tribes of the Rainforest

Mrs Booth explains how to complete today's reading task.


Please ask someone at home to test you on last week's spellings and email in your results.  Well done to those of you who got full marks last week.  Any certificates you earn can be seen on our rewards page along with the Star of the Week award.

Maths - Equivalent Fractions

Watch this video about equivalent fractions and complete the worksheet below

Equivalent fractions can be tricky so remember to let us know how you feel about the work set today.  You can use the colour system we use in school - green, orange and red - to explain how you feel.  We would also like you to have a go at the flashback questions please.