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Core Curriculum (Friday)


For our final home learning maths lesson we would like you to complete the mental maths challenge below.  You will be used to how these work by now so just have a go and let us know your score smiley


Today we would like you to think about your favourite book.  We would like to redo our 'Recommended Reads' display in class now we are a single year group.  Next week we would like you to bring your favourite book into school and share an extract with the class.  We will be adding new photos to the display in class and creating our own tweets linked to your favourite read.  Your book can be fiction or non fiction and it can be one that you have shared with us before if you like.  


So for today's task simply:

  • decide which book you will share with us.
  • identify a section of the book that you would like to read to us.
  • pop the book in your bag read for Monday morning.


We are going to be writing narratives for the next three weeks in school. 


A key feature of narratives is direct speech. Today, we would like you to brush up on your punctuation of it. This will be a short task so you could spend the extra time enjoying a narrative book of choice at home. 


Reporting clause - tells the reader who spoke and how - whispered David

Inverted commas - punctuate the beginning and end of direct speech - "      " 

Commas - are used to separate the direct speech from  the reporting clause  ,


"These crisps are crunchy," stated Amelia while forcing fistfulls of crisps into her mouth. 


Running to the school entrance Mrs Naylor squealed, "I can't wait to see the whole class again!"


1. Click the link and enter the code LM1238

2. Short activity 

The sheet below doesn't need printing. Just open it up and follow the instructions given please.