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Core Curriculum - Friday

Maths - Comparing Fractions

Today we are going to continue to compare fractions using the same method as yesterday.  The questions and answers are on the document below. 


If you would like more of a challenge, use the document called 'Friday comparing fractions CHALLENGE'. For this one, you will have to change denominators for both fractions to find a common denominator. See image below for more info. 


We would also like you to spend 15 minutes on TT Rockstars today please.


The reading text today is all about Marcus Rashford.  Some of you will know exactly who he is and others may not have heard of him.  


  • Read the text carefully highlighting any words you are unsure of.
  • Find out what the words you have highlighted mean by using a dictionary or asking an adult.
  • Read each question and this time highlight key words in the question.
  • Using these key words, search back through the text for the answer.
  • Write your answer in a full sentence.


If you can't print the text and questions that's fine, just write down the words you would have highlighted instead. 


Please try the two star text and the questions which go with it.



We loved reading your ideas on the Jamboard at school today. We hope that it helped you to be able to share ideas with your peers. Today, we will be planning to write a narrative. One which will tell the untold story of Moaning Myrtle's death.  We have enjoyed thinking of gruesome details in school and look forward to sharing ideas for writing with you. 


1. Watch the video lesson and make a note of which order you want your 5 Ps

2. Read through the completed Jamboard pages below

3. Read Mrs Naylor's plan 

4. Write your own plan 


Jamboard pages - click to enlarge

Mrs Naylor teaches about the different possible orders for the 5Ps

We are planning to tell the untold story of Myrtle's death.