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Core Curriculum - Monday

Maths - Adding and Subtracting Fractions

Mrs Booth recaps how to add and subtraction fractions.


For your reading task today we would like you to read the text below, 'Devon and the Alux.'  Please think about how we would do this in class. 


Begin by thinking about the title of the text. 

  • What do you think this text might be about? 
  • Do you think it is more likely to be a fiction or non fiction text? Why?


Read the text though to yourself.  Then read the text a second time and highlight any words you are unsure about.  Use the internet, a dictionary or ask a member of your family to find out what the words mean.  Re-read the text for a final time now you know the meaning of all the words.  We will be answering some questions on this text on Wednesday so for now that is all you need to do for your reading.


As we didn't give you any spellings to learn over the holiday there will be no spelling test today.  Below are your spellings for this week.  Remember to practise these ready for your test next Monday.



Thank you to all of the parents who have got hold of a copy of this half term's text, The Wreck of The Zanzibar. If you were one of the families who told us you will need to borrow a school copy, please pop to school this week and we will pass it on to you. 




Please read the following chapters this week and record them in your learning log;

- Great Aunt Laura 

- January 20th 

- February 12th 

- February 14th 



Mrs Naylor teaches about the features of a discussion text. After watching the lesson, please annotate or record a list of the features of a discussion text that you can see in the document below. Apologies, after recording the lesson, I realised that I do not have an editable version of the document. If you cannot print, your learning needs to look a little like this but based on the 'Should children keep pets?' document.

Introduction - background information about daleks
Reasons for - daleks could be used as a force for good, they would be ideal defenders in an intergalactic battle