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Core Curriculum (Monday)


This week you will be writing a discussion based on something that interests/annoys you or causes debates in your household. Watch the video lesson then make notes/research your topic and write a plan. 


Mrs Naylor will discuss different types of questions that you may wish to select for your piece of writing this week.

Maths - Multiply unit fractions by an integer

Watch the video below then answer the questions on the worksheet. The questions get harder as they go along but try to complete as many as you can. If you need any help you can email in and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Don't forget to try the daily flashback too.


Today we would like you to read the text below which is all about the life of Gustav Holst.  We will be finding out more about him during our Music lessons over the next few weeks so it is important that you read the text carefully.


  • Have you heard of Gustav Holst?
  • Do you know who he was or why he is famous?


Read the text through carefully once.  If you have someone to read aloud to that would be even better.


Read the text a second time and this time you need to highlight any words you are unfamiliar with or are not completely sure of the meaning of.  These may include: conducting, composition, composer, soprano, honour, astrology, limelight, movement.  


Use a dictionary, the internet or ask someone else in your house what each of the terms means.  Some of these words have different meanings in different contexts so think carefully about what they mean in relation to this text.  Record your findings and email them in.  We will be answering questions about this text on Wednesday.




Please ask someone to test you on your spellings from last week and email in your score.  Your spellings for this week will be available from tomorrow.