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Core Curriculum - Monday

Maths - Improper Fractions

Watch the video below where Mrs Booth explains how to change improper fractions into mixed numbers. Complete the questions, you don't need to print these you can just write them in your books. Don't forget to do the daily flashback too.


Today we would like you to read the text entitled 'Greta Thunberg.'


Before you begin please can you think about the following points:


  • Do you know who Greta Thunberg is?
  • What do you know about climate change?


Record any ideas you may have linked to these two questions neatly in your book.

Next you need to read the text.  Please read the two star version.  Read carefully and highlight any words you are unsure of.  These might include; climate, activist, globally, carbon footprint, global warming, eco friendly.


Towards the end of the text there is a glossary which explains what some of the terms listed above mean.  Using a dictionary or the internet please find out the meaning of any other words or phrases which you are unfamilar with.  Record these in your books.

Writing - point two and three 

Today you need to write point two and three of Ron/Hermione's diary recount. Please see the video lesson below before cracking on. (I have spotted my mistake in the final line of the example text on here, I know some of you will too!) My example is just of point two however, you are expected to write both two and three please. 

Mrs Naylor focuses on sentence openers, conjunctions and feelings and emotions vocabulary today.


Don't forget to ask someone to test you on your spellings from last week.  One or two of you could get a certificate today if you get full marks - good luck everyone.