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Core Curriculum - Thursday

Maths Adding Fractions

Today we will be adding fractions where the fractions have different denominators. Watch the video and then complete the questions below.


We are having a break from writing our narratives today so that we can put the time aside to take part in a live Q&A with Michael Morpurgo on Youtube. Below is a letter to parents about the event. 


Make sure that you click on the link below a few minutes before 1:30pm to check it is working. We hope this event will be informative and give you an insight into the author who wrote 'The Wreck of Zanzibar'.


*If you are behind with your writing of the narrative - I'd advise that you do some writing today too.*


I've noticed a few incorrectly spelt homophones in your writing recently so today's task is a refresher on some common homophones (same sound, different spelling.) 


Below are some words, I would like you to write a short sentence for each one. Before you do, you need to check that you know which meaning goes with which homophone. an online dictionary could help if you're stuck. 


I am missing your lovely personalities a lot so if you want to do some weird/funny sentences that you think will make me smile, that would be great. If your brain is fried and you are counting down the days till half term, I will accept boring sentences just this once. 


1. Our

2. Are

3. Where

4. we're 

5. to

6. too 

7. their 

8. there 

9. stare

10. stair