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Core Curriculum - Thursday

Maths Comparing Fractions

Please watch the video below where Mrs Booth explains how to compare fractions by finding equivalent fractions first. Using the same method try to complete the questions from the worksheet. Today's flashback questions are below too.


We hope that yesterday's lesson demonstrated to you that not every sentence begins with an elaborate sentence opener. With all writing, balance is important. 


We are going to plan and write the untold story of Moaning Myrtle’s death. We know that she died in the girls bathroom. Let’s build our ideas together as a class. Using jamboard, we are going to share our ideas to help each other out with our plans.


1. Watch the lesson 

2. Click on the jamboard link below

3. If an account is not already logged in, you may need to ask a parent to log in to their google account for you. If for any reason, this is not an option, please email in your answers to each question and I will add them to the Jamboard myself. 

How to use Jamboard

Mrs N is really excited for us to collaborate as a class again. This demonstration is a must watch before starting the lesson.


Please follow the Powerpoint then see if you can spot the cohesive devices in the two star activity. No need to print, just write a list of the ones you find.