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Core Curriculum - Tuesday


Today we are going to have a break from fractions and have a go at a mental maths quiz.  Before taking part in the quiz you will need to make sure you have a pen or pencil and a piece of paper ready for writing down your answers.  The questions will be read out and you will have some time to solve each one and write down your answers.  Try to answer each question in the time given but if you are really struggling you can pause it while you work out your answer.  The quiz lasts about 15 minutes and has three clearly marked sections:

  • Beat the clock! 
  • Problem solving.
  • Number juggling.

Let us know how you get on by emailing in your score - good luck.


Please can you also go on TTRockstars today for at least 15 minutes.



There won't be any spellings to learn this week smiley.  If you haven't already please email in your score from your test yesterday.


Hopefully, the message that you are getting from your most recent English lessons is that balance is key in writing. 


Please write your next two paragraphs today.


- Use some speech 

- Use some conjunctions

- Vary your sentence openers (Adverbials, ing- verbs for exammple)


- Think about what atmosphere you want to develop and select your vocabulary accordingly. 

SPaG - conjunctions 

Special mention to Jake who has written an in depth first paragraph, using a range of sentence openers and a few conjunctions without overdoing it. Your task today is to read his writing and find the conjunctions, identifying if they are subordinate or coordinate.