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Core Curriculum - Tuesday



We have another Jamboard today! 

1. Watch the lesson

2. Read the article 

3. Add a sticky note to each page of the Jamboard. 


Tuesday English

Should boys and girls' clothes be sold separately?


Before you open the document below, a quick lesson on  modifying nouns. 

By using two nouns together, we can give more meaning to the second noun. The first one would be the modifying noun. 


- church hall (Church is the modifying noun as it tells us about the hall) 

- local lockdown (local is the modifying noun) 

- kitchen window (kitchen is the modifying noun) 


Now, open  the document and choose a suitable level of challenge for yourself. 1, 2 or 3 star. It does not need printing. 

Maths - Subtracting Mixed Numbers

Mrs Booth explains how to subtract mixed numbers. There are only 9 questions to complete and they are shown in a grid. You can put your answers in the empty grid or you can just write them on a piece of paper. If you are struggling please email in and Mrs Booth will get back to you as soon as she can.