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Core Curriculum - Wednesday

Maths Add and Subtract Fractions

Watch the video and then have a go at the worksheet below. The questions get harder as you work through the sheet so just do as many as you can but don't panic if you can't complete all the questions. Email in your work so we can see how you have got on.


Today we are going to look again at Lewis Caroll's poem 'The Jabberwocky.'   Below is a copy of the poem for you to read.


  • Read the poem out loud. 
  • Read the poem a second time and highlight any words you don't know the meaning of (or just record these words in your book if you can't print the poem).


Many of the words in the poem are made up (nonsense) words but you might be able to use some clues in the poem to work out what they mean.


  • Have a look at the Jabberwocky activity sheet below.  Look at the words in the grid.  Can you work out what they might mean?  Can you think of an alternative word that could have been used?
  • You might want to watch Michael Rosen read the poem again to help you as some of his actions give clues to what is happening in the poem. 


WOW! Mrs Booth has been in touch and told me about how well you are doing with the writing this week. Please make sure that you read and act upon her feedback from yesterday's piece of writing before continuing today. 

Today, you need to write your fourth and fifth paragraph. On Friday, I will upload a short lesson about writing endings which I'd like you to watch before writing yours please. We have our Michael Morpurgo event at 1:30pm tomorrow which we are joining on YouTube instead of continuing with writing our narratives. 


Reminders today are the same as yesterday. 

- Use some speech 

- Use some conjunctions

- Vary your sentence openers (Adverbials, ing- verbs for exammple)


- Think about what atmosphere you want to develop and select your vocabulary accordingly. 


Need some inspiration for amazing writing? Please open the document below to read Zach's first three paragraphs. Well done Zach, this writing is mature, well thought out and makes the reader connect with Myrtle's character.