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Core Curriculum (Wednesday)


Today we would like you to re read the text your read on Monday abut Gustav Holst.  When you have done this please can you answer the questions below.  Remember to highlight key language in each question and use that to help you find the answer in the text.  

Maths - fraction word problems

Watch the video below where Mrs Booth explains how to solve word problems involving fractions. Have a go at the questions on the worksheet below and don't forget to try the flashback questions too.



Today, you will finish your discussion text of choice. Mrs Naylor will be on the emails and is looking forward to catching up on what you have been writing about. It's always interesting for us to read something that you have chosen for yourselves. 


Points against - make sure that you have at least three points to elaborate within this paragraph. Remember to start with a jump conjunction because you are 'jumping' from one point of view to another. 


Ending - Your conclusion should include a suggested solution using words such as 'perhaps' or 'maybe'