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Core Curriculum - Wednesday


In preparation for writing a narrative, you will study the style of JK Rowling. In particular, we would like you to look at the way she opens her sentences. Not every sentence has an amazing sentence opener. If it did, her books would not be as easy and enjoyable to read.

Task 1 – read two pages from the book and make a list of every sentence opener

Task 2 – categorise your list in a table. Some heading examples are below




ing verb













Today we would like you to re-read the text about Greta Thunberg which you read on Monday.  Now you are familiar with the text, have identified those words you are unsure of and hopefully found out what they mean, it is time to answer some questions.  Please answer the questions which go with the two star version of the text.  For those of you who did this yesterday you have one less activity to complete today - yay!  Don't forget to read some of Harry Potter if  you get chance :)

Maths Mixed Numbers

Mrs Booth explains how to change mixed numbers into improper fractions. Watch the video below then have a go at converting mixed numbers into improper fractions. You have all done really well with the maths work so far this week but let us know if you need any support. Don't forget to do today's flashback too.