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Curriculum Enrichment

Time To Talk


Each morning, after the register is taken the children in all classes take part in a 15 minute 'Time to Talk' session.  This block of time is given to allow children the opportunity to talk about a variety of different topics:


  • what they have done the night before/over the weekend
  • what is currently in the news
  • issues that are pertinent to that class - friendships, arguments, playtime disputes etc


Once a week this time slot is also dedicated to our citizenship work which this term (Spring 1) focuses on:


  • developing confidence and responsibility and making the most of their abilities

        (Key Stage 1)

  • developing good relationships and respecting the differences between people

        (Key Stage 2)


By allowing the children this 'Time to Talk' first thing each morning they are more focused and ready to learn. 


At Harthill we are all learning about the Bloodhound SSC car attempting to break the land speed record. It is hoping to reach 1000mph!!!

Watch this space for updates on our learning.

In the meantime, check out these links:


Each class will be making a 'class car' and Y4 and Y5 are busy working in teams to create their own mini-race cars. 


Mrs Thompson's example car...

Will our cars travel faster than Mr Newton's car?...

Y1 Bloodhound 2017

Y2 Bloodhound 2017

Y3 Bloodhound 2017

Y4 Bloodhound 2017

Y5 Bloodhound 2017

Y6 Bloodhound 2017