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This week we will continue to look at non-fiction writing. Remember that non-fiction texts are used to gather information, as they provide us with facts.  First you will need to watch the video clip below. 

Task 1 Sea turtle writing

Task 2 non fiction writing. Choose another creature and with your adults help insert a photo. Add information about the creature.

Task 3-4 choose a different creature or two and complete the facts

Task 5 read the cards and answer the questions



Please follow the link and see the table below for the phonics lessons for this week:


10:30 am*



Year 1 Summer Term

Phase 5 

Suitable for Year 1 children who can confidently blend and read words such as ‘stamp’ ‘chair’ and ‘green’

Monday 15th June


y - fly

Tuesday 16th June


y - happy

Wednesday 17th June


are - square

Thursday 18th June


ear  - bear

Friday 19th June





If your child knows this week's and future spellings, please use the below Word Mat to assess which words your child needs to practice, and practice these instead of the set spellings. If your child is confident with all the Y1 spellings, practice writing numbers 0-20, the days of the week, and the months of the year.