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Task:  Powerful verbs

The beginning of the Iron Man is full of powerful verbs. In the sections below, the powerful verbs have been replaced with boring ones! (Bold and underlined).

Your job is to put them back again and make the story come alive.


Write out the sentences in your book using your handwriting pen. Remember to use handwriting and punctuation!




1. The wind went through his iron fingers.


2. His great iron head slowly went to the left.


3. His eyes, like headlamps, went white, then went red. 


4 He moved in the strong wind that went against his back. 



blazed; turned; pressed; whistled; swayed; glowed

5. One of the Iron Man's hands moved its fingers, like a crab on its back.


6. The stars went on moving through the sky.


7. The wind went on blowing at the grass on the cliff-top.


8. The sea went on moving and moving.



wheeling; booming; waved; boiling; tugging

9. The gulls went down over the great iron head.


10. The eyes went red, level with the wave tops.


11. A big wave went over them and foam went over the top of the head.



spouted; blew; glided; covered; blazed

Recap on verbs if you are not sure what they are.