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Iron Man end of chapter 1

I have read to the end of chapter 1 from where the first bbc video finished.

Ted Hughes has used his senses in his writing to engage the reader.  

Can you name your senses?


Task: Draw out in your books 4 large star shapes and then write in each shape: 

What would you hear?

What would you see?

What would you smell?

What would you feel?


Listen to the chapter 1 again, both the bbc video and my clip.  Write in the stars what your senses would sense e.g. wind, cold, sea spray (feel), sea, crashing, seagulls  (hear).


Then you are to write out sentences using your words from the stars, remember to use powerful verbs and start your sentences in different ways. 


For example: 

The wind howled around the Iron Man's head.  It pressed against his enormous back, fighting the strength of the man. 

The star diagram sheet example