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Today we will answer questions about the first chapter of our focus text The Iron man by Ted Hughes.

The questions are on the VIPERS sheet attached below. 

I have also attached a PDF version of chapter one that you can get up on your screens.


You do not have to print out the sheets, just answer the questions using some of the questions. E.G. in question 1. it asks you to find and copy an example of a simile that Ted has used, so your answer will be something like this...


Ted used similes when he describes the Iron Man's body parts, for example when he said 'the great iron head was shaped like a dustbin but as big as a bedroom'.


TOP TIP: A simile is a way of describing something by comparing it to something else using 'like' or 'as'.


Look at this sentence...

The dog was big and fierce.


Now if we add adjectives and similes to engage the reader and help them picture our writing in their head...

The black, scruffy dog was as big as a wolf and fierce like a very angry bear.


You can picture the fierce dog much clearer now.