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We continue our learning with this lovely story.

Listen again to Billy's Bucket story on Youtube ( Again all of this week's activities will be linked to it.


Activity 1:


1) After watching the story again, discuss with your adult, what was the beginning, middle and ending.  On a plain piece of paper or the inside on a cereal box draw a mountain shape.  You will need this for your story mountain.  At the beginning of the slope draw the beginning of the story. At the end of the mountain draw the end of the story. Now you can fill in the rest. Don't forget to send in photographs of your story mountain to me. 




Activity 2:


1) Look at the images from the story. Chose one or more and write two sentences that tell you what is happening.  Remember, think of a sentence, write it, then check it.  Super challenge is to use 'and' this will give the reader more information. E.g. Billy wanted a bucket for his birthday and it would be a magical one.  If you like, draw the image or images that matches your sentences instead of printing them out. 


Activity 3:


1) Write a letter to Billy.  

What would you say to Billy? Here's your chance! Write him a letter.  Your letter must start with Dear Billy, and end with Yours faithfully, .




Please follow the link and see the table below for the phonics lessons for this week:



10:30 am*



Year 1 Summer Term Phase 5

Suitable for Year 1 children who can confidently blend and read words such as ‘stamp’ ‘chair’ and ‘green’

Monday 11th May


u-e – tube

Tuesday 12th May


e - we

Wednesday 13th May


aw – claw

Thursday 14th May


ir – bird

Friday 15th May


ou – cloud





 Please print out the following words, and test spelling using the table format below:



Copy the word

Write it big

Write it small

Write it with the other hand

Write it with your eyes closed!