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Tuesday: For the rest of the week we are going to recap instruction writing.  First we are going to make a lighthouse.  We will be using used yoghurt pots and wrapping paper around them. Don't forget to send in photographs of your completed lighthouses.  Watch the video below for an inside version. Last year 1 children used them as nightlights or try the second video for a garden one. Jot the steps down as you make it. 
Wednesday & Thursday: You will begin your instruction writing today.  Remember you will use 'bossy verbs' imperative verbs to tell a person what to do. Do not rush your writing. Remember to use handwriting and try to use connectives like 'and' to make your sentences longer. You will continue your writing tomorrow. Use your notes from Tuesday.
Friday: Working with a partner, explain how to do something. You will give instructions to your partner and then they will give instructions to you.  If making something or drawing something try covering your eyes with a scarf.  Did you listen and follow the instructions carefully?  

Writing paper for your instructions



Please follow the link and see the table below for the phonics lessons for this week:


10:30 am*



Year 1 Summer Term

Phase 5 

Suitable for Year 1 children who can confidently blend and read words such as ‘stamp’ ‘chair’ and ‘green’

Monday 6th July


si – vision, s - measure

Tuesday 7th July


ti - action

Wednesday 8th July


is –mansion, ssi - mission

Thursday 9th July


ci - special

Friday 10th July





If your child knows this week's and future spellings, please use the below Word Mat to assess which words your child needs to practice, and practice these instead of the set spellings. If your child is confident with all the Y1 spellings, practice writing numbers 0-20, the days of the week, and the months of the year.