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For our final week we are going to continue instruction writing.  First we are going to watch a video clip, see below 'candy goldfish'.  


As you saw you can make sculptures from candy.  We will be making lighthouses to eat!

At school we will be using marshmallows (pink and white), digested biscuits, fruit pastilles and a little bit of icing sugar. At home you might even use cupcakes and make a cake lighthouse! Don't forget to send in photographs of your completed lighthouses. Jot the steps down as you make it. 

Did you remember to send a photograph in before you ate your lighthouse? 


Tuesday & Wednesday

We will write up the instructions of what we did, so others can make the lighthouse sweets. You will use all the things you now know like beautiful handwriting, imperative verbs, adjectives, correct punctuation and spellings. 

Don't forget you will need a title.   

Lighthouse paper for instructions


Our last day! It has been a joy to teach you all over this very strange year. I am extremely proud of you all, yes adults included. 


My gift to you all are the attached posters (Lion is today's task, the blank lion is for you to fill in.) 


My wish and goal for you all is to keep learning and have fun along the way.  Remember you can be anything that you want to be.


Have a wonderful summer and I will see you back in September.  

Miss V.



Please follow the link and see the table below for the phonics lessons for this week:

10:30 am*



Year 1 Summer Term

Phase 5 

Suitable for Year 1 children who can confidently blend and read words such as ‘stamp’ ‘chair’ and ‘green’

Monday 13th July


gn – sign, kn - knee

Tuesday 14th July


or – work, ear -learn

Wednesday 15th July


wr – write, mb - thumb

Thursday 16th July


y - gym

Friday 17th July





If your child knows this week's and future spellings, please use the below Word Mat to assess which words your child needs to practice, and practice these instead of the set spellings. If your child is confident with all the Y1 spellings, practice writing numbers 0-20, the days of the week, and the months of the year.