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English support

In Year 2 we expect that all children can write in accurately punctuated sentences in sequence. Children should begin with a capital letter, use clear finger spaces and punctuate appropriately. Giving children opportunities for writing at home is a great way for children to practice the skills we are teaching at school and for them to become embedded. Children will be encouraged to write if they have some pens, pencils, crayons and paper to work with. You could encourage them to;

  • Write a shopping list
  • Write a letter
  • Write a post card
  • Keep a diary
  • Share what they have done over the weekend
  • Or create their own story

This will create a purpose for writing. Children will see that there are lots of things they can achieve independently.

For spelling support see the word list below.

English Spelling appendix - See Year 2

All children should be listened to read at least 3 times a week with their colour banded reading book. Children can also read other books which they can access and take home from the library on a Tuesday.


To access our online reading scheme, Phonics Bugs click the link below.

KS1 SATs Practise - Grammar and Punctuation - 1

English Grammar and Punctuation test questions, answers and explanations. Print this set of questions from the link below, answer them and then I will work through them with you. The questions are based on the Key Stage 1 official sample Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Paper.