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Examples of 'Home learning'

Examples of  fantastic home learning!

Email images of your child's home learning carried out during these times to

Georgia has written her own rainboq shape poem and been learning time in a fun way in the garden.


Olivia has made her own pizza's! She has made two different flavoured pizzas. Yum yum!

Daisy has been busy learning her 4 time stable in preparation for Year 3 and has been crafting using papier mache. She has also been bakign some wonderful bread and writing a letter to the NHS staff who helped to support her dad and family.


Mollie has been busy learning to tell the time and playing with her sister, Rosie.


Joseph has been keeping up with his maths using Oak National Academy and he has accessed the English work on there too! Super!


Gray has been keeping up with his place value work.


Isabella has been enjoying the hot tub during the nice weather and playing outside.


Olivia has celebrated her 8th birthday, Happy Birthday Olivia from the 2/3 class and team!


Arthur has been very creative during this time!



Martha has been busy on her bike and playign educational games to keep busy!


Madison has been taking care of her pet dog and the animals aroudn the village.


Bella has been busy in the garden, baking and carrying out ordering a historical timeline.


Great work Mollie, exercise using the Wii fit and some word matching activities.



Martin is loving exploring Harthill on his daily walks with Ginny.


Rhys has been enjoying helping his Dad in the garden.


Violet-Lily has made some delicious Easter buns!


Rhys is keeping up with his Phonics learning while he is at home!


Noah has been very creative - making an very colourful window and taking part in a Bake Off with his brother and sister!


A great set of instructions on 'How to reuse wax crayons' by a Y2 child inspired by our class text, 'The day the crayons quit'. A fantastic idea, lovely handwriting and very clearly set out! Well done!

Another great piece of writing received this morning. This piece is called 'Esteban's journey' and is also inspired by our class text. This child has created a story using a poem! WOW! A great idea with fantastic spelling, a pleasure to read.

Gray has written about his day in the garden with his dog. A  fantastic picture and sentences to go with it! Well done Gray, lovely to see some home learning from you.

A super piece of writing fro Isabella this morning. She has remembered back to our learning about the Victorians and our 'Victorian school' lesson. She has remembered lots of facts and written a very informative piece. Super work Isabella!

Billy has created a time capsule to keep all of his creations and memories inf rom this time and done some fantastic baking!

Mollie has been working hard with money. She has really been enjoying it and has asked for more resources. Go Moll! Keep going with your super learning.

Macie has carried out a tasty science experiment using Skittles! A brilliant idea Macie, thank you for sharing this with us.

Joseph has been inspired by 'The day the crayons quit' and thought about which countries neon red crayon would like to visit. He has coloured in the flags, there seems to be a colour theme here ☺️. Super work Joseph!

What a lovely idea.  Gray has been busy at home making a mini garden. 

Great work Gray, well done.