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Examples of 'Home learning'

Examples of  fantastic home learning!

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Zach coded traffic lights - with a twist!

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Ava made an amazing marble run!


Jake has found out all about the history of lanterns after watching the Lantern clip.


Art mixed with English! Rose has draw a beautiful setting to label  from the Lantern clip.


Jack and Harry have been following Youtube tutorials to draw a toucan. 


Tom is excited about making his bug house!


Lily has been practising Roman Numerals and did her own hundred square with them.


Finn has written a brilliant story about finding a magic seed.


Lily W has done lots of research about wolves and created this amazing poster. 


What a brilliant marble run, Tom!


Elliott's description of the character in 'The Lantern'

Rose's fantastic marble run!

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Jake saved an injured jackdaw then wanted to find out more about them.


Theo found a toad which has led to lots of learning!


Tom has used sticks to test his Roman Numeral knowledge.


Lydia has written a fantastic poem inspired by the colours of the rainbow.


We've had some fantastic Geography projects this week! These are examples from Rose and Jake.


Lenny used 'The Lantern' to draw and label the setting.


Ava is becoming a whizz in the kitchen! This week, she has made campfire stew and scones. Yum!


Lydia created a giant clock in her garden and used it to practise telling the time. She even added Roman Numerals to the blocks.


Lily enjoyed learning about Roman Numerals.


Finn celebrated his 9th birthday with birthday pizza!


The winning Bake Off entry - well done Theo!


Jake has been learning about the Great Fire of London. What a fantastic drawing!

Zach has written some Minecraft instructions and added illustrations.


Harry and Jack have started their own Youtube channel sharing their football skills.

Lenny loves learning about tall buildings. Here he is making his own and measuring how tall it is.


Another bike rider! Lily went on a long bike ride with her Mum.


Ava-Grace is enjoying spending time on her bike with her family.


Alicia has been enjoying some time in her tent, a great way to enjoy the outdoors!



Rose has been enjoying baking and lots of reading!


Ava has made her own dandelion honey, fantastic!



Lily has begun her story based on Mrs Naylor's writing resources added to the class page. A super start Lily!


Finn has written a story based on Mrs Crapper's writing stimulus, 'You go to the zoo and return home and there's a monkey in your boot!. Great work Finn!


Theo has been helping with lambing, what a great experience! 


Lenny has been busy finding out about the Egyptians! He has created a mummified doll adn made a tomb.


Lily has been baking using an online recipe! 


Alex on a bike ride in the sun, a great form of daily exercise.

Zach has been baking and even created his own fantastic den using cardboard boxes.

Elliott has entered a poster competition with the South Yorkshire Police. His poster reminded people to 'Stay at home', he won an Easter egg! He has also been baking with his younger sister in preparation for her birthday.

Lily has been workign hard in her little study area!

Rose is enjoying doing lots of baking and has made her driveway very colourful for the NHS!


Ava loved taking part in the Bake Off with her brothers and is doing lots of artwork while learning from home.


Alex has put his pastry skills to the test and has created a quiche at home! Great home learning Alex, learning lots of skills for life in the kitchen. Lovely to hear from you.

Alexa and David have had a very creative first week of home learning - the cakes look delicious!

Trinity and her sister, Lola, have been making posters supporting NHS workers.

Lydia has enjoyed making her rainbow and has written a fantastic poem linked to our class text, Iron Man.

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Listen to superstar Lenny playing his guitar!

Lenny looks like he has learnt such a lot this week!