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Examples of 'Home learning'

Writing Challenge


Below are some examples of your amazing writing.  We are so proud of you all, well done.

Examples of  fantastic home learning!

Email images of your child's home learning carried out during these times to



Thomas has been drawing this week. Look at this fab picture! 


Olivia has had a go at the origami that Mrs Booth suggested, hasn't she done well. Has anyone else tried it yet? 



Jamie has been on lots of walks recently and has also done a nature scavenger hunt. 



George and his sister have been carrying out science experiments, building what looks like an awesome den, practising times tables and he has even 3D printed a Mayan coin.



Zac has made a sprinkles cake and a paper plane. Has anyone else made and tested their paper planes yet?

Austin has been thinking about VE day this Friday.  He has created a super poster linked to his research, well done Austin.


Jamie has been creating his own fantastic quests with this great book.


Wookie Cookies 

Wow, Austin has recycled some cardboard at home to make an aircraft carrier, plane and destroyer. Don't they look realistic? His wookie cookies look fab too. 



Look at Theo's amazing creations using wood, we are really impressed Theo, well done :)


Wow!  Angus has worked really hard to produce this amazing piece of pyrography, we love it!


We were pleased to see that James and his family have been giving the online quiz a try. 



Some great Mayan masks have been created by our class. 

These two belong to Oliver and Heidi, well done guys!



Jamie has been enjoying the lovely weather and spending time in the garden with his family. 

In addition he has been baking some delicious treats for everyone, they look very tasty Jamie, well done.



Here are some examples of the work Olivia has been doing over Easter. 

She has also been cooking and writing her own recipe book, fantastic work Olivia.



Ethan has been having fun in the sun washing the car.

He also celebrated his 10th birthday, Happy Birthday Ethan :)



Nate has been busy this Easter perfecting his baking and winning competitions with his art work.  

Well done Nate.


Fantastic to see James looking so happy, keep up the good work James.



Henry has been keeping fit on his daily bike rides as well as looking after his plants. 

Great work Henry.


Ethan is enjoying exploring Harthill on his daily walks with Ginny.


WOW Heidi, some fantastic and creative ideas here. Tie dye and baking! It looks like you are learning lots of practical skills for life. I have heard you have been trying very hard with your maths and home, that is really great to hear, keep going!