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Maths - common factors 

You must watch the lesson first before doing the questions. 

Today's maths follows on from yesterday's lesson on factors.  Common factors are factors which are the same for two different numbers.  For example 1,2,3,4,6 and 12 are factors of 12.  1,2,4 and 8 are factors of 8.  The common factors of 8 and 12 are 1,2 and 4.  Listen carefully to the video where this is explained further.  When you are trying to find the answers to the questions on the worksheet you will find it useful to write lists of factors for different numbers - don't try to do the working out in your head.  Question 8 and 9 are tricky but those of you who are hoping to be greater depth in maths by the end of the year need to give them a go.


After you've done, please self assess using a coloured pen and the answer sheet below. 

Common factors


Today, we are taking it steady and only writing point two. The reason being that we want you to think carefully about the features of this new genre of writing. Watch the clip below before writing please. If you are needing guidance for editing writing from yesterday (or ideas for today), you may wish to look at Jake and Lenny's intro and P1. These are below as WAGOLLs. 




Today we would like you to answer some questions about the text ‘The Unexpected Guest’  In order to answer the questions you will need to know what the following words mean: resolute, irritated, dishevelled, self-centred, portrayed and offended.  Use a dictionary (online or a paper copy) to look up the meanings of any you are not certain of. 

When you answer the questions look back in the text to find clues to back up your answers, this is not a test of memory.  Remember questions involving inference require you to look for clues given by the writer, they are often more difficult to solve than other types of questions.  Please answer each question in full sentences apart from question 1.  Explain your answers clearly, making reference to the text.