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SPaG: Use the link to watch the video which covers using commas to clarify meaning and avoid ambiguity. Afterwards, log on to and select 'Parenthesis and commas (B)'. Complete this learning activity. 

Reading Comprehension - Robot Revenge: Read the short extract then answer the 4 questions.

Writing - Now that we have completed Abomination, I'd like you to have a look at the illustrator's 'roughs' for the front cover:

Knowing the story, which one do you prefer? Would one of those have been better than the actual front cover? If so, why?


Now open up 'Creating a Book Cover'. This learning activity requires you to become the illustrator and use your imagination to create your own version of the book cover for Abomination. 

Writing Learning Activity

Decimals as fractions. Watch the video then complete the learning activities.

Decimals as fractions. Please be aware that the second half of page 1 (right hand side) is duplicated on the first half of page 2 (left hand side). Please ignore this and do not answer the same questions (Q2b, Q3 and Q4 are there twice).