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Hi Y6,


I hope that you are all well.


When I am logging into each day, I am aware that several class members have not yet completed all of the learning activities that have been set. The highlighted notes icon also provides me with a list of pupils who have not yet completed each activity.

If this is you, please make it a priority to ensure that you have completed each learning activity and that you are up to date by the end of this week. I am unable to see the full class report until all learning activities are completed; this is important as it enables me to see any gaps within our class. I cannot emphasise enough how important spelling, punctuation and grammar is - especially in Y6. SPaG will not be explicitly taught at high school - there is an expectation that you enter Y7 with the skills needed. If you are having trouble logging in, please let me know and I will support you with this.



SPaG: Click on the link below and watch the two videos to recap direct speech. Afterwards, log on to and select 'Direct speech punctuation (B)'. Complete this learning activity. 

Reading Comprehension - Comparison of Aztecs and the Maya: Read the short extract then answer the 4 questions.

Maths: The video below demonstrates how to calculate the percentage equivalents of fractions. Watch the video then answer the Maths questions.

Still image for this video

Fractions to percentages. THERE IS NO NEED TO ANSWER Q2a) or Q6 TODAY.