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It's Friday! Please get your wipe-board, pen and rubber to have a go at our Friday Spelling check with Mrs. Thompson and new guest... Eddie! Not Mrs. R's dog, but Mrs. T's cuddly pal.

*Tommy will be back next Friday ;-)

Y1 Spelling Check with... Eddie!!!

Still image for this video

Friday's English with Mrs R

At the end of the story Bear says ‘I love my hat’ after eating the rabbit. 


Talk to your grown up about what might happen next if the story continued. 


What would Bear do?

Where would Bear go?

Who might Bear see?


Watch the video to see Mrs Rayner demonstrate how to use the story to write the beginning of a sequel.


Draw at least 3 pictures and write at least 4 sentences which tell the next bit of the story (the sequel). You can use the activity sheet if you like or draw and write in your exercise book. 


Remember all the things we talk about when we are writing; using sound mats to help us with our spelling (in your resource folder) writing using our unjoined cursive, trying to make sure you use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces too. 

Today's activity- I want my hat back THE SEQUEL



  Again, you will need your number line from your resource pack or your number cards to 20 (place them out in a line from 1-20 to use). It's good to recap how to count back to ensure your child is clear that they count back from the starting number. 


Look at the slides with your child talking through each question. They should be able to do the calculations independently, it's the reading of the question that is often the tricky bit. 


Then have a go at the questions either on the sheet if you wish to print it or by writing the answers in your book.


  There is also a Friday challenge if you are feeling like you could go for it!

Maths powerpoint slides to start

Maths activity and Friday challenge

Storytime with Mrs R