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It's Maths Challenge Friday!  Yay!

Today, our challenge is of course linked to area.  In your remote learning packs, you will have some squared paper.  Your challenge today is to design a garden.  There are rules to creating your garden.


Your garden must have an area of 100 squares.  You may choose to draw this by having 10 squares along by 10 squares down - this would give you an area of 100 squares.  Or you could choose 5 squares along by 20 squares down (100 squares in total).

Within this are of 100 squares (also know as an area od 100 square cms), you need to include:

  • a vegetable patch
  • a table
  • some decking
  • 3 planters
  • a shed 
  • a hot tub

The total area of the equipment can only take up 60 squares (this is in addition to the 100 squares you can use for the total are of your garden).  You can divide these up however you like but you must include the list above.  You can also add any additional extras you may like.

Have fun and send me a picture of you creation.  Remember to label each area.

Example of garden (my squares are a lot smaller than yours, sorry)


Yesterday, you were practicing your zero tolerance words.  Today, I would like your adult to test you on 15 of those spellings.  These can either by from the Y4 list, or a mixture of spellings from FS2 through to Y4.

Drop me a picture of your scores and let me know how you get on.

English - Friday 29th January 2021

Compare and contrast traditional tales


Today, I would like you to listen to me reading the story of 'The Three Little Pigs'.  Then, I would like to to think about another traditional tale that has a wolf in it.

In your exercise books, I would like you to compare (what is the same) and contrast (what is different) the two traditional tales in a table like the one below.  

This may seem strange, however, all will become clear on Monday!



The Three Little Pigs

Another story you know with a wolf (put the title here)

















There is a wolf in the story


They are set in the country side



There are pigs in this story