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It's the weekly spelling check with... Tommy! Get your wipe-board, pen and rubber and join in with Mrs. Thompson's video below. Let us know how you get on.

Spelling Check with Tommy

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Watch the powerpoint below and check against your written instructions- do you have all the steps to make your sandwich?


Make sure you finish writing them; we are looking for writing on the line, using finger spaces, capital letters and full stops and practising your unjoined cursive handwriting too. 


Then when you are satisfied your instructions are the BEST THEY CAN BE! Ask a grown up to follow them to see if they work and if they do- Well done!


If they don’t you might need to add in an extra step (this is called editing to improve your writing).


We would to see a photo of your completed writing and it would be great to see one of the adult following the instructions too. 

Powerpoint- How to make a jam sandwich


Today you will need your 100 square (it is in your learning log as well as your resource pack).


Start by playing ‘Fastest finger first’; your grown up says a number and you put your finger as fast as you can on the number. Use any of the numbers from 1 – 100. Then make the number with your tens and ones you used yesterday. 


Look together at the powerpoint slides and talk with your grown up about the questions. You don’t need to answer these questions in your book.

Maths powerpoint slides

Then have a go at the Maths activity for today; you don’t need to print the sheet, write the answers to the questions in your book.


Then if you fancy a thinking question or 2 move onto Friday’s challenge and see if you can answer the True/ False question.

Today's Maths activity

Mrs. Thompson reads Topsy and Tim go Camping

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