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It's Friday!

Well done Y4 (and families), we have made it through another week.  Hope you are all well.  Just today's work to complete and then we can all relax and have some fun at the weekend.  

Today, it is Maths Challenge Friday!  Yay!  Hope you enjoy today's activity.  Then, we are finishing off our balanced discussion - we cannot wait to see your finished piece of writing.  We would love it if everyone could get their adult to email this over to us - this will allow us to provide feedback just like we would in class.  Then, you have got another wellbeing challenge to complete - on page 3, Wellbeing and resilience.  Finally, any of the Wider Curriculum work which you may not have completed yet.

Have a great day.

English - Friday 5th February 2021

Balanced discussion - points against and ending