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It's Friday!  Therefore , it is maths challenge Friday! 

I am so impressed with your maths learning this week.  Today, there are some addition maths problems for you to try.  Use the skills that you have learnt this week.  Let me know how you get on.

Maths Games

The following maths games can be useful to support with your fraction learning.  I have included links to recap on equivalent fractions and adding fractions.



Today, I would like you to read the next chapter in our class book 'The BFG' - The Giants


You are going to create your own giant, who you will include in your writing today.  I would like you to:

  • draw a picture of your giant (add colour if possible)
  • name you giant
  • produce a list of adjectives and noun phrases that could be included when writing a character description for your giant.

For example


The Gruesomegobbler


Word bank for character description:

  • enormous
  • smelly
  • bald
  • small, bat-like ears
  • crooked nose
  • yellow, cracked teeth
  • cold and dangerous eyes


Daily Reading

As part of your daily reading, please can I ask that you have read the following chapters in 'The BFG' before competing Monday's English lesson.


  • The Marvellous Ears
  • Snozzcumbers



Today, I would like to recap on  - there, their and they're.


Please watch the BBC Bitesize video and then complete the activity below.