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Please start today with the Y1 Spelling Check with Tommy - there is an added challenge at the end of the video this week!

Spellings with Tommy #1 Spring 2.mp4

Still image for this video


Spend today finishing your fact sheet or mini spider book and then send in pictures so we can see it.

Remember to include at least 10 facts about spiders and at least 3 pictures. Check  your capital letters, full stops and finger spaces please!


Extra challenge: Go on a Spider hunt:


Go on a spider hunt in your garden or at the park.

Can you take a camera? Take pictures and send in what you find!


What sort of spiders can you find and where do they live?

Are they the same as the ones that you might see in the house?


Start today looking at the powerpoint slides with your grown up.

Maths powerpoint slides to share with your child

Today we are going to learn HOW to use a ruler; see if you can find one in your house. If you haven’t got one- make one out of a piece of paper with your grown up or use a tape measure.


Watch Mrs R’s video to show you HOW to measure from 0 on the ruler to find how long an object is.


Can you find objects around your house and measure them with your grown up helping too? There’s a table to complete if you can print or you can write into your exercise book.

Measuring with a ruler

Today's maths activity to print or to copy into your book