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SPaG: From the apostrophes and plurals questions that you having completed on, I can see that, on the whole, we found it tricky as a class. Click on the link below and read through the information to recap this aspect of learning. Afterwards, log on to, select 'Apostrophes and plurals (A)' and complete this learning activity.

Writing: Today is our final day of Character Tracker learning; I would like you to complete a Character Tracker for Chapter 4. Remember to skim and scan for the name of the character in the chapter (like I modelled in the video on Wednesday) to locate information and evidence for your Character Tracker. Afterwards, read chapter 5. Don't forget to email your learning in!

Reading Comprehension - The Hunger Games chapter 3 and 4: Use your knowledge as well as evidence form chapters 3 and 4 to answer the questions.

Calculate with metric measures. Watch the video then answer the questions