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SPaG: Watch the video below to re-familiarise yourself with subordinate clauses and subordinating conjunctions. Afterwards, log on to and select 'Subordinate clauses and conjunctions (B)'. Complete this learning activity.

What is a subordinate clause? | Oxford Owl

Learn the difference between a clause, a subordinate clause and a relative clause. Perfect to help with grammar homework and to prepare for the Key Stage 2 S...

Reading Comprehension: The Hunger Games Chapter 8 - Use evidence from chapter 8 to answer the questions. Afterwards, read chapter 9.

Area and Perimeter. Watch the video then answer the questions below.

Area and Perimeter Questions

Area and Perimeter Answers

Writing Learning Activity. Today, we are going to focus on what we learn in the interviews in Chapter 9. You will need to read chapter 9 first before you complete this activity. Watch my video to help you before you get started with the learning activity.

My video demonstrating how to complete today's learning activity

Still image for this video