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Please join in with the final Y1 Spelling Check with Tommy session smiley

Spellings with Tommy #2 Spring 2.mp4

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What happened to Miss Wobble and Master Wobble the children?

What do you think they went onto do?


Could Miss Wobble have become a window cleaner and Master Wobble a windturbine engineer high up in the sky?


Have a think and then see if you can write at least 3 sentences about either Miss Wobble, Master Wobble or maybe you could use your surname and create your own short story!


Have a look at these for some good ideas; 


Mrs Rayner the railway guard loved to see all the people travelling on the train every day. She always wanted to know where they were going.


Mrs Thompson the taxi driver enjoyed driving her little yellow taxi. She had driven her taxi around the world and took people to all kinds of exciting places.


Mrs Waplington the wildlife photographer had taken so many photos she didn’t know what to do but there was one creature she still hadn’t managed to get a photo of. A whale. She was very keen to see one.


Mrs Bennett the bee keeper had 15 hives in her garden and loved to sell the honey in little jars to all the families at the farmers market every Sunday.

Mrs R talks about today's English activity


There are some questions like yesterday to answer but we would also like you to show us what you have learnt about length.


Have a go at the quizzes below...