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Friday message


I have LOVED seeing your photos and drawings of your washing machine oceans with your sea creatures made of clothes! 


Today's job is to write some sentences about your sea creatures including adjectives for description - just like you did on Wednesday for Something Fishy. Re-watch the video from Wednesday for extra help if you need it. 

Things to remember:

  • Add a comma if you are listing adjectives
  • Sneak a conjunction in there too for extra detail and to extend your sentence
  • Remember the super neat handwriting we have been practising using the lines in your book.



Friday Challenge Day!

Fridays in Maths will be a little different and will be a game or challenge to practice the skills we have been learning all year. This one is all about trial and improvement - you won't be successful first time but keep thinking and improving and you will succeed. 


One of our new school values is resilience and this is exactly what you'll need with this activity. Know from the beginning that you will take several goes to succeed so you don't get frustrated. 


I would love to see pictures of how you have worked it out - or how far you got if you don't quite manage. 

Maths Challenge


Phonics - ed suffix


  • Activity 1 - read the text
  • Activity 2 - underline any difficult words and discuss with an adult what they mean
  • Activity 3 - answer the questions