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Friday - Core Curriculum


Today's lesson will require you to write your introduction and point one to Ron or Hermione's diary entry based on the Polyjuice Potion chapter. 



- Set the mood for the rest of the piece 

- Hint at what has happened but don't give it all away 


Point one 

- Include the important/interesting details linked to the creation of the Polyjuice Potion 

Harry threw a firework in Snapes' lesson while Hermione stole Bicorn horn and Boomslang skin

Preparation of potion in the Moaning Myrtle's  out of order bathroom 

Tricked Lockhart into signing off a book from the restricted section 


Note - if you are writing Ron's diary and choose to use one of his most famous phrases - bl**** he**, that is fine. However, if you are mature enough to use these words in your writing, you need to be mature enough to not use these words in real life. Thanks :) 


Today we would like you to read the text below about Rainforests.  Think about how you worked through the text on Monday and Wednesday and work in a similar way.


  • Read it to yourself and highlight words you are unfamiliar with.
  • Use a dictionary to find out what those words mean.
  • Read the questions and highlight key words.
  • Find the answers in the text by skimming and scanning for the key words in the questions.


The document below has three levels of text and questions.  Please scroll through and find the two star text and use this one with the accompanying questions.

Maths - Square numbers

Watch the video below which is all about square numbers. We have looked at these before in class so you should find the work today quite straight forward. The worksheet you need is also below. There is no flashback for today, please can you spend 15 minutes on TTrockstars instead.