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Today's lesson is all about multiples. Please watch the video below then answer the questions below. Check and self mark your answers. If you get any wrong, can you have another go to try and work out where you went wrong for yourself? Remember, as always, email us with any questions. 


Friday Multiples Lesson

Multiples" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo,

Most of you should be able to complete questions 1 to 7. If you are aiming to be Y5 Greater Depth by the end of the year, you need to complete every question.

Reading comprehension 

Today, we would like you to log onto Active Learn and spend 20-30 minutes reading a colour banded book, ensuring that you answer the green bug questions along the way. You can record this in your learning log. 



As we would have been reading Chamber of Secrets in class, we would like you to read the next chapter (eight) before Monday please. We hope you are enjoying the book so far. We wish that we were sharing it together with you in class. 



Today you will need to write point two of your newspaper recount  (as well as intro and P1 if you didn't get that far yesterday.) Please watch the lesson below before writing today. 


Forgive me for going blank around 8 or 9 minutes, I really could have done with a 'hands up - who can help me with this bit?' moment with you all. It's not easy doing this on our own  is it? Keep up all of your hard work, we are really proud of you for toughing it out with remote learning. 

Friday's Writing lesson - Elaborating on a point

Mrs Naylor talks about how to further elaborate on a point, using a plan and planned quotations.