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Home Learning WC 13.07.20

Well, this is it. Your last week in Y3/4. Mrs Pridmore and I are so disappointed we weren't able to welcome you all back into school before the Summer Holiday for our usual end of year fun - making your juice cocktails like usual and having a final party! We wish you all a fun but safe summer - have a rest and enjoy yourselves and we can't wait to see you all in September. I have already met with Mrs Booth and Mrs Naylor to tell them how wonderful you all are and I know you're going to have a fantastic time in Year 4/5. Also - Mrs Pridmore will be there to keep on eye on you all!!

As you are completing your home learning this week, keep it together in a folder, wallet or envelope so you can share it with your new teachers when you return to school. 


Mrs Bothma



Task 1 - Plan and write a letter to Mrs Booth and Mrs Naylor telling them all about you, your interests, your favourite subjects and anything else you'd like them to know about you.


Task 2 - Time to reflect on the school year gone by. Use any of the sentences starters to write a piece reflecting on the year of school we have had since September.


I am ____ cm tall

I am aged ___

I have enjoyed______________________________

I remember when we ________________________

This year I have learnt to ______________________________

I am now better at _______________________________

___________________________ was difficult

My friends are _________ and ______________ etc

I really liked _________________ in PE

In writing I remember _________________________

In maths I am better at ______________________________

Being a part of year 2/3 has taught me _________________________

During lock down I have learnt to _____________________________

I have enjoyed _____________________ during lock down

Next year I hope to get better at _______________________

I am looking forward to ____________________

I hope ____________________

In another year I will be ______________


Feel free to use any paper you like to record and decorate, add pictures or a border. 


Please send these to me - I'd love to see!


Please log on to Bedrock and complete 2 lessons. 


Year 3 - Parallel and perpendicular

Year 3 - Pictograms

Year 3 - Bar charts

Year 4 - Interpret charts

Year 4 - Comparison sum and difference

Year 4 - Introducing line graphs

Year 4 - Line graphs



Take inspiration from the pictures below to create your own artwork all about you. This will be fantastic to share with Mrs Naylor and Mrs Booth.



Watch the clips below. Have a think about previous Andy and the Odd Socks songs from Anti Bullying weeks. What would you like them to include in this years song? Write it down and email to Mrs Bothma who will forward it on to them. Maybe your idea will be featured in their next song! 

Andy and the Odd Socks - Unique (Official Video)

Andy and the Odd Socks - Choose Respect (Official Video)