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Home Learning WC 15.6.20

English Project (2 weeks)

Remember our 'double page spreads' about the leaf insects? You all did such a fantastic job researching, planning, writing and illustrating to produce some amazing work! 


For the next 2 weeks I would like you to do the same but based on any topic you want. It might be a sport you're into, a game you like to play, an inspirational person, something you've learnt about in History/Geography, an animal - anything you like!


Over the 2 weeks you will need to:

  • Research the topic
  • Plan your writing using the IPEELL plan (or a spider diagram if you prefer!)
  • Plan the layout of your double page spread (like we did in class, mapping out where the writing and illustrations would go
  • Write and illustrate your double page spread (stick 2 A4 pages together if needed)
  • Mark using the IPEELL mark sheet


The resources you will need are below. Here are some examples to remind of what they can look like:


Parents - is there something you're really proud of your child for in reading since they have been learning from home? Have they continued their reading challenge during lockdown? Have they persevered and finished a longer book? Have the read before bed every day?


Although there is no official school reading challenge at the moment, I'd like to celebrate reading and those who have kept it up while it home.

Whatever it might be, send me an email ( to let me know why you are proud so I can send a certificate!

SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar)

This week's activities focus on conjunctions as I'd like you to try and use a range of conjunctions in your 'double page spread' writing.


This week is tenths and hundredths and converting to decimals. 


Year 3s - start with tenths and move on to hundredths as a challenge if you'd like to

Year 4s - tenths and hundredths


If anyone is finding this difficult, please send me an email to let me know and I'll give additional help. 

Tenths and Hundredths as Decimals

Ordering Decimals


Last week you learnt about Earth's layers - this week we're learning about a natural occurrence because of those layers....VOLCANOES! We learnt a little about volcanoes in our transition week way back in July last year - let's see what you can remember. 


Follow the link below, watch the video then do some research. Create a poster, news report, Purple Mash, drawing etc. to show me what you have learnt.


Try this fun activity to recreate an explosive volcano with water!