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Home Learning WC 18.5.20

Due to our rota system to support the children of key workers, Mrs Bothma will be in our hub school WC 25.5.20. She is taking her half term WC 18.5.20 so Mrs Pridmore will be responding to emails sent to the class email address during this week. 


Remember to look in 'Examples of Home Learning' on the class page for fantastic learning from last week!

Writing Task

Given that there is only 1 week before you have a week break for Half Term, this week we'll try something different. 


I'd like you to choose 3 days since school closure to write about and illustrate in any way you like. The days could be telling me about things you have enjoyed doing, a walk you have been on, a day in the garden, a fun activity - anything you'd like to write about. 


Set it out however you'd like to but I would like some writing and some illustrations for each of the days. 


As this is a recount, I have included a helpful hints poster below. 

SPAG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) Activities 

Page 1 - example

Page 2 - have a go at your own using the sentence provided (No printer? Just write the sentence on paper instead)

Page 3 - make up your own sentence to improve

Choose a spelling rule to practice from the Year 3 and 4 spellings, select 'Spelling Tiles' then choose  game to play. I like the word search but it's up to you!

Maths Activities



Examples from the video shown above.
Please use the times tables poster to help if needed. This isn't 'cheating' - this is just a support while they are learning the more complicated division process. 
Choose any operation (addition, subtraction, multiplication or division) to practice. Make it as challenging as you want to!

Design Challenge


Design and create your own game using things you can find around the house. Make sure you write down the rules then have a go with your family!

Geography Project


Choose a river from around the world to research. See if you can find out the countries the river passes through, how long it is and any interesting facts. Present what you have found in any way you like - a poster, a Powerpoint, on PurpleMash, making a model of it etc. 


I have included some examples of world rivers to get you started below.

Rotherham School Games Virtual Athletics Competition 18th - 22nd May


Have a go at the activities below and share your updates on the Twitter page @RotherhamGames